What is the ScrapStashtic System, and Why do I need it?

Your fabric stash should be fresh, inspiring, and exciting, rather than stale, stagnant and guilt-ridden. For me, this means using up a lot of fabric so that I can buy a lot more, as quickly as possible. The ScrapStashtic System, at its most basic, is a set of rules and guidelines regarding the preparation, storage, and use of your quilting scraps that will allow you both the maxim amount of creativity and flexibility in your scrap quilting, as well as making it easy to have a rapid turnover in your fabric collection.

The ScrapStashtic System is designed to function as a cohesive, stand-alone unit, or to interact with other patterns, systems, and specialty rulers as you see fit. Hopefully, if you are not already a scrap quilter, this system will make it easy to fall in love with using every last piece of fabric that you own. If you already enjoy scrap quilting, this system will functionally support your hobby and provide a basic structure that will allow your scrapping creativity to soar.

If you have more stash than you know how to use, or you are inundated with rumpled scraps that you “should use, someday,” the ScrapStashtic System is a great way to learn how to ‘direct’ your creativity into your scrap quilting. It is also a great way to develop quilting habits that will increase your quilting productivity. Using the ScrapStashtic system on a regular basis will allow you to spend more time enjoying the hobby you love, without increasing the amount of money you spend on your hobby.

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Happy Scrapping!

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