Who is Janellea Macbeth?

Janellea Macbeth is a quilting author, speaker, and thought leader. She has been sewing unsupervised since the age of three, and spent many years specializing garment construction. With over 3 decades of sewing experience, Jan has achieved mastery of modern garment construction, pattern drafting and alteration, formalwear, tailoring costuming, historically accurate period reproductions, and corset construction of the 1860’s.

At the age of 9, Janellea began a lifelong love of quilting while spending  a week in a non-electric hunting cabin in Maine (with her parents). She enjoys hand piecing, machine piecing, paper piecing, applique, hand quilting, machine quilting, and longarm quilting.  In 2009, Janellea began scrap quilting in self defense.  Her unique balance of chaos and order within scrap quilts developed ash she found ways to use up the scraps that were a byproduct of her voracious quilting hobby. As she found her own “quilting voice,” she began to look for ways to streamline the way she dealt with scraps. Jan’s  system for cutting, storing, and using scraps evolved over the course of several years. Each iteration of the system moved towards greater flexibility, creativity, and productivity. Ultimately, ScrapStashtic Quilts evolved into an adaptable, easy to implement, appealing and compact system that can support the needs of any sewing room.

Since publishing her scrap system in the Amazon #1 Bestseller, ScrapStashtic Quilts, Organizing your Scrap Stash and Actually using it, Jan has been inspiring thousands of quilters to creatively use the bins of fabric that have been waiting for “some day.” Quilters who love Jan’s book are discovering creative ways to push their artistic boundaries through scrap quilting, and are also enjoying the benefits of more free space in their sewing rooms.

Janellea regularly visits regional quilt guilds as a guest lecture, where she provides education, inspiration, and motivation to guild members. Audience members enjoy a one of a kind, sneak peak behind the scenes look at the quilts that inspired the creation of the quilt recipes included in ScrapStashtic Quilts.

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